Why I am Running:

  • Hold Leaders Accountable
  • Restore Common Sense Problem-Solving
  • Reject Partisan Bickering and Promote Cooperation

Liz Lawler for
California Assembly 28

As a former Mayor, current Council Member of Monte Sereno and lifelong Californian, it is difficult to watch what years of poor decisions and unsuccessful policies have done to our state. Our K-12 public schools are failing our children, especially our most vulnerable. We have a housing crisis that continues to grow yet our legislators double down on policies that make it worse. Our residents need to feel safe in our communities, but recent “reforms” have led to sharp rises in crime and emboldened lawless behavior. The lack of transparency and accountability in Sacramento and the divisive rhetoric we’re bombarded with today has eroded our faith in our government.

It is time we elect pragmatic, common sense representatives who hold themselves accountable. We need leaders who are fiscally responsible and dedicated to representing constituents, not just themselves. 

What matters to you, matters to me.

What People Are Saying